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Pacotes Especiais / Ecological Expedition 10 Days 09 Nights




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DAY 01- Tamarins & Cocks of the Rock. 


Tour starts at 5:30 am, driving through the high way BR-174 to access the 157 km, a pristine environment, then jungle walk to access to the mega valley of Balbina Forest. During the walk we have excellent chances to observe monkeys such as Spider Monkey - Ateles paniscus, Golden-handed Tamarin - Saguinus midas, Golden-faced Saki - Pithecia Chrysocephala, Squirrel Monkey - Saimiri sciureus; interacting with the fauna & flora of the primary jungle we do our first explore before lunch. In the afternoon we observe the Arena of the Cocks of the Rock - Rupicola rupicola, an endemic and colorful species of this region. Afterwards we explore for the hummingbirds Crimson Topaz. Meals and accommodation at Mari-Mari Pousada!


DAY 02- Sandstone Coaster & Pied Tamarins.


At 05:40h tour explore before breakfast, short sightings for birds and monkeys.  Breakfast at 07:00 am, after we walk in the jungle to explore the transitional vegetation of the Mainland and visit an incredible cave, where bats hosting and some birds do nesting. In the following moment we are going to swim at a magnificent water falls, then we start heading on the way back to the Rio Negro, Lunch. In the afternoon we use motorized canoes to access to our basis (Local Accommodation with bungalows), our goal at this place is to explore for two species not seen by regular tours: Amazon Giant Otter - Pteronura brasiliensis, Golden-backed Uacari – Cacajao melanocephalus. Dinner, overnight!


DAY 03 – Giant Otter & Golden-backed Uacari Monkey.


Breakfast and Jungle walk on the land of Golden-backed Uacari - Cacajao melanocephalus hot spot, emphasis in ecological interaction and lateral migration of the rarest primate in the Neotropics. Lunch, in the afternoon we do canoe paddles in search for Giant Otter - Pteronura brasiliensis a fabulous aquatic mammal and threatened with extinction, we explore narrow creeks and the flooded environment to see the wildlife. Today begins our river cruise, we board with our cabin accommodation (regional boat) and travel to the dolphin`s region where we do visit to the pink Dolphins (swimming with). Night tour after dinner, we are going by motorized canoes to spot night birds and Sloth - Bradypus tridactylus. Dinner & Overnight!


DAY 04- Red Howler & Humboldt`s Squirrel Monkeys.

Early tour at 05:40h for Red Howler - Alouatta seniculus (higher howl for a neotropical primate), we explore with canoes the small channels to observe the primitive bird Hoatzin - Ophisthocomus hoazin and monkeys such as: Humboldt`s Squirrel Monkey - Saimiri cassiquiarensis & White-fronted Capuchin - Cebus albifrons as well plenty of birds and other animals. Breakfast at 08:30h, then we start to navigate towards the meeting of the waters, on the way we visit a small lagoon to see the famous water lilies. Lunch will be served at the floating restaurant at the Ecological Park Janauarí, in the afternoon we continue our navigation to reach to Nova Olinda. Overnight! 


DAY 05 – Blue-and-Yellow macaw & Grey Dolphins.

At 05:40h departure by canoes for wildlife exploring (Tapajós-Mareira interfluvium), this sight is to spot Gold-and-white Tassel-ear Marmoset – Mico chrysoleucus, AshyTiti Monkey – Callicebus cinerascens, birds such as   Blue-and-Yellow Macaw - Ara ararauna, parrots and toucans.  Lunch at 12:30h, in the afternoon we cruise through small river and appreciate the scenery, fantastic sights for the Grey Dolphin – Sotalia fluviatillis and we may explore silently by canoe paddles to search for monkey Satere Marmoset - Mico saterei. Dinner will be served at 19:00h, then we may have a lecture about Amazon primate’s ecology. Overnight!


DAY 06- Jungle walk for Medicinal Plants.

Breakfast at 07:00h, jungle walk for medicinal plants, amphibians, insects and mammals. We explore for tarantulas, bullet ants, frogs, armadillos and edible fruits of the Rainforest. This region is home for the Red-nosed Saki – Chiropotes albinasus, one species not seen easily. Lunch, then we explore by canoe paddles to spot the wildlife, special place for mammals. Dinner will be served at 07:00h pm. Cruising and Overnight!


Day 07- Canoe paddles for observation of Primates.

Early canoe paddles to explore the mainly Várzea Ecosystem (flooded jungle with silt water), we combine the activities by canoing or walking to get close as possible to the Primates: Black Howler Monkey – Allouata nigerrima, Titi monkey - Callicebus baptista, Non-collared Titi monkey – Callicebus hoffmannsi and Golden-backed Squirrel Monkey -  Saimiri ustus. Lunch at 12:30h, in the afternoon we visit the small Village Ituensi, to buy handcrafts and to see the place of manioc flower process. Overnight! 

Day 08- Tassel-ear Marmoset – Mico humeralifer. 

Breakfast at 07:00h, we may walk in the jungle to spot for Santarém Marmoset - Mico humeralifer, this species is a secondary forest specialist and it does forage in troop of about 20 monkeys. Lunch, in the afternoon we are exploring by motorized canoes to spott for Toco Toucan - Ramphastos toco, Red-and-green Macaw - Ara chloropterus. This area is good for birdwatching. Dinner and overnight!


Day 09- Canoing tour for Monkeys.

Early tour at 05:40h, we explore with motorized canoes the Igarapé do Arrozal, searching for monkeys such as: Guiana Brown Capuchin - Sapajus apella and hear the sounds at the Great Várzea. Breakfast at 09:00h, then we navigate to the left side of the Amazon River to reach to the Paraná da Trindade, dinner will be served upon arrival and then we are exploring special night tours for caimans (Alligators). Dinner & Overnight!


Day 10- Jungle explore by Canoes. 

Early tour at 05:40h on the jungle edge for exploring monkeys and birds such as: White-throated Toucan – Ramphastos tucanus, we do canoeing to get as close as possible to the wildlife. Breakfast at 08:00h, then we may start heading on the way to Manaus.

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