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Pacotes Especiais / Mammals Expedition 08 Days 07 Nights




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DAY 01- Meeting of the waters.

naturalist guide is going to show you exclusively the confluence of the rivers (Amazon & Negro). During navigation in the Amazon river, we do explore for Dolphins (pink and grey), Toucans, Macaws, Parrot and Caimans. Overnight!

Pick up and boarding to the regional boat (with cabins), heading to the meeting of the waters and start having information about the environment. Our Amazonian


DAY 02- Gold-and-white Tassel-ear Marmoset.


Gold-and-white Tassel-ear Marmoset (Mico chrysoleucus) & Saterê Marmoset (Mico saterei), those monkeys are not seen by regular tours. We do canoing to explore specific sights for the monkeys. Overnight!

Canoe trip at 05:40h, best time for birds & monkeys. After breakfast, we make visit for water Lilies (Victoria amazonica), then we’ll navigate to reach to the land of the 

DAY 03- Jungle walk and medicinal Plants.

Amazon.  In the afternoon we are going to explore silently by canoe paddles to spot for Macaws, Toucans, Parrots and Monkeys along with a pristine environment. Overnight! 

At 05:40h, we navigate through Abacaxi river to reach to the walk sighting (four hours), during the tour we learn about medicinal plants and ecology of the 

DAY 04- Monkeys of the Amazon Jungles. 

and Ashy Titi (Callicebus cinerascens). We explore the flooded forest and Igarapés (creek), spotting wildlife, special environment to observe small mammals and epiphytic plants (Orchids and Bromeliads). Overnight!

Breakfast at 07:00h, then departure by canoes for wildlife exploring at Curupira creek (Urariá), we explore for Golden-backed Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri ustus) 

DAY 05- Jungle Walk & Birdwatching. 

Armadillos and edible fruits of the Amazon. Lunch at 12:30h, then we go by canoes to Igarapé do Moçoró to explore for Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco), this area is good for birdwatching. Dinner & Overnight! 

Early tour at 05:40h, breakfast at 07:30h and jungle walk (four hours), mammals such as Tamarins, Monkeys, Peccary are common observed during the tour. We are exploring for Tarantulas, Bullet Ants, poison Frogs, 

DAY 06- Black Howler Monkey.

by canoing or walking to get close as possible of Black Howlers (Allouata nigerrima), we paddle canoes through the flooded forest to appreciate the scenery of the environment and do spotting to the animals. Overnight! 

Travel by boat via Urariá river to reach to the community Ituensi, at this place we are going to make a visit and have the local indigenous making local excursion with us. Lunch at 12:00h, then we combine activities 

DAY07- Rubber Trees of the Amazon Jungle.

latex. Lunch at 12:00h, then we travel to the Lake Mirituba for the night activity of Caiman spotting and vocalization (Alligators). We explore a night tour after dinner. Overnight!

Breakfast at 07:00h, then heading Ararí River where we visit the rubber trees to see how the natives use tools to sap the 

DAY 08- Birdwatching for Parrots and Macaws.

(Ara chloropterus), Orange-winged Parrots (Amazona amazonica), breakfast will be served at 08:30h, then we start to travel heading on the way to Manaus to reach about 17:00h. Drop off!

Early tour at 05:30h for sunrise and birdwatching, by motorized canoes we explore for Red-and-green Macaws 


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