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Manaus Amazon Tours
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Pacotes Especiais / Ecological Package - 2 Days 1 Night



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DAY 1- Monkeys & Cocks of the rock
Tour begins at 5:00 am, driving through the high way Manaus–Caracas to access the 157 km, a pristine environment, then walking for four hours to access to the mega valley of the Proterozoic Era. On the way we have excellent chances for observation of mammals such as Monkeys: Spider Monkey, Golden Handed Tamarin, Pied Tamarin and birds of different species. Then explore the carvins of the Neolithics Amerindians. Lunch at 13:30h, we do observation for the Arena of Cocks of the rock (Rupicola rupicola), an endemic species of this region. Then our next explore takes us to see the hummingbirds Crimson Topaz. Overnight 
DAY 2- Pied Tamarin Monkey
At 05:40h tour starts for sighting the monkeys, exploring a small road we have good chances to see those animals.  Breakfast will be served at 07:30 am, after we walk in the jungle again for explore the transitional vegetation of the Amazon, pharmacopoeia and fascinating birds such as: Pavonine Quetzal (Pharomachrus pavoninus). We may visit an incredible cave, where bats hosting and some birds do nesting. Lunch,
At 02:30h pm, we are going for swimming at a magnificent water falls (best water fall of the area); this is located at a beautiful jungle sighting, then about 16:00h we start heading on the way back to Manaus.

Mammals Expedition 08 Days 07 Nights


Ecological Expedition 10 Days 09 Nights


Chlorophyll Package 06 Days 05 Nights

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Street Dez de Julho, 708 - Center

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