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Lodges / Juma Floating Lodge



Lodge on the South at Juma Reserve



The Juma floating lodge its located to the South of Manaus about 100 kilometers away from the city. It is built in the Juma reserve which is an area of primary forest rich in flora and fauna.


This floating Lodge was built to avoid cutting the forest and to preserve the environment. The accommodations are in 10 private (Double and Some triple) rooms with beds, Air conditioning and private bathrooms. It is a simple and clean place, perfect for small groups interested in having a wonderfull jungle experience. Electricity is provided 24 hours and this enables clients to recharge their electrical equipment.


Choose one of our packages and take part in a fantastic jungle experience.


Meals are generally prepared with fresh regional fish, chicken, beans, meat, salads, rice, vegetables and fruit.


Below is a list of activities done at the lodge;


Hiking (jungle trekking), bird watching, dolphin watching, Overnight (Camping) in the forest, visiting the local people (caboclos), Alligator spotting at night, watching the sunrise and the sunset, sport fishing (from ending of August to the ending of November) when the famous peacock Bass is the most sought. There is also piranha fishing, spear fishing, at night, canoeing through the flooded forest (during the rainy season) and the acquiring of knowledge of survival techniques, crucial to survive in the forest.

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Street Dez de Julho, 708 - Center

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+55 92 99201-8972
+55 92 99201-8972

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