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This 3- day trip that is perfect for people who have little time but is interested in seeing as much as possible of the forest. It can be done on board a regional boat of two floors with accommodations being in hammocks at the upper deck or can be done on board a boat with accommodations in Cabins. 




A trip to the meeting of the waters (the point where the Negro river meet the Solimões river) piranha fishing, sunset and sunrise watching, dolphin watching, cayman spotting at night, jungle trekking and canoeing in the flooded forest and visit to the local people house.


Trip Itinerary;


Day one: At 8am you are picked up at hotel to begins your tour. First you are taken to the meeting of the waters. Other activities are piranha fishing, bird and dolphin watching. During the tour there is a possibility so see a sloth and watch the sunset from the middle of the lake or river. At night the cayman spotting is done on board a motorized canoe.


Day Two: At 5:30am you leave by canoe to see the nature. This includes watching the sunrise and different species of birds.


At 7am breakfast is served and from 8am to 12pm, jungle trekking is done. On this occasion your guide shows up everything about the forest. He also gives you information about medicinal plants found there during the trekking. There is Also opportunity to see spiders and monkeys and other animals in the forest. After lunch your house boat moves on to another area. After getting there, a reconnaissance trip by canoe is done with chance to see dolphins, birds and beautiful fauna found there and canoe trip through the small channels and in the flooded forest when the water level is high.


Day Three: While on the way you stop to visit to the local people you have the chance to learn about their simple way of life. Then you continue on your journey to Manaus getting there at about 5pm.


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