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Manaus Amazon Tours
Jungle Trekking
Amazon Jungle Tours, Manaus Amazon Tours, Jungle Trekking, Bass Fishing, Rainforest Tours, Manaus Jungle Trips, Amazon Boat Tours, Brazil Jungle Tours, Anavilhanas, Indian tour, Dolphin Tour, Day Tour, Amazon River.

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Boto Packages / Boto Survival 5D / 4N



 U$D 595,00

Number of People:




Tour at the Amazon Boto Lodge


Tour done with minimum of 2 people. For 1 person, please contact us for availability or for group price



This is a 5 days Jungle Tour which two nights are spent at the lodge and two nights out camping in the jungle. On this tour it is possible to explore the forest in a non-conventional way as in one of the night during the camping in the forest, the group will do a night trekking for about one or two hours of trekking. This tour usally its done in small groups which is very important because the less noise is the better.





  • Visit the meeting of the Waters,
  • piranha fishing,
  • spear fishing at night,
  • dolphin watching,
  • watching the sunset and the sunrise,
  • Alligator spotting at night,
  • jungle trekking,
  • canoeing (paddling) through the flooded forest (during the Rainy season),
  • visit to local Family (caboclos),
  • Camping in the forest for two nights and night trekking.






Trip Itinerary


Day one; at 8am is the transfer from the hotel by car to the Ceasa Port on the left bank of the Negro River about 15 kilometers from the city center. From there a speed-boat takes the group to the meeting of the waters (the place where the Negro river and the Solimões river meet).
From there the group crosses over the river to the village of Careiro. There the group takes a van to the Paraná do Mamori river on a journey of about an hour. There a another speed-boat is used to take the group to teh lodge on a ride that takes about 45 minutes and gets to the lodge around 11:30am. Lunch is served at 12:30pm and the afternoon activity begins at 2:30pm. It is a canoe trip to watch dolphins, birds, piranha fishing and finally the watching of the sunset at about 6:30pm. Dinner is served at 7pm and then at about 8:30pm the group leaves for cayman spotting which is done on board the motorized canoe. The guide literally snatches a cayman out of the water. After giving a thorough explanation about the reptile it is returned to its habitat.






Day two: At 5:30am a canoe trip is done to watch the sunrise and to get a close up view of the forest waking up to a new day. At 7am breakfast is served and then at 8am a jungle walk starts and it goes up to 11:30am. During the walk, the guide explains valuable information about the forest. Much is learned about medicinal plants, spiders, trees and there is even a chance of seeing monkeys.
The afternoon activity starts at 3pm. It is canoeing in the flooded forest and in the small channels. It is a great opportunity to see and learn about the flora and fauna of this fantastic área Amazon jungle.

Day three: From 8am to 11am a visit is made to a local family house. There a lot is learned about the day of day life of the local people. After lunch at 3pm, the group leaves the lodge to spend two nights camping in the forest. It is chance to learn about the nocturnal life. This first night in the forest, the group will do spear fishing with the harpoon. This activity is done by canoe






Day Four and Five: While in the forest the guide teaches survival techniques and gives information about any other thing related to the forest. They have more chance for trekking and for canoeing (paddling). On the last night of camping, the group will do a night trekking of one or two hours and we require that everyone need to have good equipments as boots, long pants and flashlights. The Last day the group returns to the lodge around 11am. After lunch at 1:30pm the group leaves the lodge back to Manaus arriving there at about 4:30pm.






What to bring for your jungle tour: 

Long pants, short pants, long sleeves shirt, t-shirts, Small daypack, sunglasses, insect repellent, rain coat, cap, boot or tennis shoes, flashlight, Binoculars, swimming suit, Camera, batteries and charger (there is 110 volt electricity.


Very Important


When travelling to the Amazon and to South America in general, make sure you are vaccinated against yellow fever. Get more information about this from your doctor.

*If vegetarian or allergic to any kind of food, please let us know.



What is Included


  • Free Transfer airport to Hotel on Arrival
  • Transfer Manaus – jungle - Manaus
  • All Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • All Activities
  • Guide during the tour
  • Mineral water
  • Accommodation during the tour
  • Free Transfer back to the airport

What is not inluded


  • Hotel In Manaus
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • Soft drinks (soda)
  • Tips
  • Tour insurance


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+55 92 99201-8972

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