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This trip is done by speed boat that takes you to the meeting of the waters, the point where the Negro river and the Solimões river meet. The tour begins when you are picked up at 8:30am from your hotel and is taken to the port.


From there you are taken by speed boat to the meeting of the waters about 15 kilometers from the city center of Manaus. After visiting the meeting of the waters, you are taken to a little village of floating houses to see and learn about the way of life of the people. From there you are taken to the Janauari ecological park: An area that is under water for 6 months. It is located between the Negro and the Solimões rivers. There is possible to see water lilies, some caymans, birds, monkeys and even sloths. In the rainy season, it is possible to make a short trip through the flooded forest. Lunch is served at a floating restaurant located in the park. The tour ends at about 1:30pm and after arriving back in the city, you are taken back to your hotel.


What is included in the price;


Transfer to and from the hotel and lunch during the tour.


What is not included in the price;

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Street Dez de Julho, 708 - Center

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+55 92 99201-8972
+55 92 99201-8972

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