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The tour to Presidente Figueiredo waterfalls is done by land leaving at 8am on a journey of 107 kilometers going north with a duration of approximately one and a half hours. In this tour depending on the period of the year, it is possible to visit the waterfalls and also visit caves in the region, and the program includes a visit to 3 waterfalls and can be adapted according to the request of the clients.


To visit the Caves, it is necessary to have a personalized tour and be accompanied by a guide with experience in the region.


This tour is conducted with guide, driver, lunch included during the tour and fee entrance at the waterfalls. 


The tour ends around 5 pm in Manaus. In some cases it may be longer depending on the program set up for the group.

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Street Dez de Julho, 708 - Center

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+55 92 99201-8972
+55 92 99201-8972

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